About Us

Surigao Internet Marketing (SIM) is the first Internet Marketing Company to establish itself in the Surigao Del Norte province. By being outside the big cities like Manila and Cebu, we can take advantage of the lower cost of operating a business, while still being a competitive player in the lucrative field of Internet Marketing and Website Development. We are able to take advantage of the strong supply of trained computer personnel that the local universities and trade schools have to offer. In turn, our employees are able to take advantage of living in a nice city with a lower cost of living, for a company that offers competitive pay and advocates that our employees “work hard”, but are still given time to have happy and fulfilling family and personal time. Since our employees probably spend as much or more time with their coworkers, as they spend with their families, we strive to have environment of teamwork, with the cohesiveness of family.

Surigao Internet Marketing creates websites ranging from simple to very complex. With a high degree of technical experience and talent, we specialize in providing innovative world-class solutions at affordable prices, handling all aspects of website development, ranging from needs analysis and system planning, to graphic design, search engine optimization, system integration, custom development, and everything in between. We’ve created an array of customized extensions for Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms to meet various Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and business needs for our clients as well making them commercially available to others building websites. We build websites selling things from automobiles to herbs, sites addressing various social networking needs, and websites for other business and personal purposes. Surigao Internet Marketing (SIM) is your best choice to help you achieve your Internet marketing goals and objectives. As we become more established in the community, it is our intent to contribute to its well being, beyond simply providing salaries to its members that we employ. We will continually seek opportunities and evaluate those that arise.